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What if you get sick or injured while traveling?

If a medical emergency strikes while you are on a trip, are you ready for it? Can you get access to a doctor? Or the right medications? Can you be evacuated out of a remote area? Who can coordinate your medical assistance? With Travel Guard, you are covered from the beginning to the end of your trip. We can even coordinate your medical transportation from wherever you are back to the United States once doctors give you the okay to travel. From pre-existing conditions to unexpected events to expensive medical evacuations, you are covered with us.*

*most plans must be purchased within a certain time limit in order to qualify for a pre-existing medical condition waiver

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My wife and I were enjoying a vacation to Barbados when she became ill. After a couple of trips to the clinic in Barbados we decided to cut our trip short. Travel Guard took care of everything they said they would in a very timely manner. I have used Travel Guard many times and I would highly recommend them to everyone!

- Gary

Most US health insurances won’t cover you fully outside of the US. Very few have any coverage at all for emergency evacuations.

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